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Monday, June 25, 2012

Why client are not selecting you for interview?

Some freelancer asked me to help them. Because they are not getting jobs even not yet selected for interview but they are continuing to apply.
I can say from my experience that you must ask some important relevant questions to the client when you apply on a job.
One of the things that seem to frustrate a lot of providers is the inability to ask questions of the buyer before being selected for an interview or even before applying.
I have been on other freelance sites that do allow this message system.
There is a solution. When applying for a job or bidding on a fixed rate project, ask the questions your inquiring mind wants to know the answers to, in the application itself. Here is an example: 

Job Description
"Link Builder needed”: Need someone to build links outside of my website to increase my search engine ranking.
This gives the provider a small amount of information. From this posting we know:
1. The buyer needs someone to build links and
2. He wants to increase his ranking in the search engines.
Here are the questions that I would ask in the application stage.
- What type of website is it (e-commerce, information, non-profit, personal)?
 -What is your current search engine ranking?
- What have you tried already that has not worked?
- Do you have a method you wish to use to build these links?
Yes, as a link builder, you should already have a good idea of how to do this job, but that does not mean that your methodology is on the same course as the buyer's.
The point is you are allowed to ask questions in your application. If you do not get an answer to your questions and get a "Candidacy Ended", chances are, this buyer did not want to take the time to give you enough information about the job to assume that you would be a good candidate.
The application process is secure, meaning that other providers are not allowed to see what you write in your application. You will either be interviewed with responses to your questions in the interview message, will be interviewed without responses but opening the door to further one on one contact so that you can ask your questions then or the job will be given to another provider.
Asking well thought out questions relevant to the posting is NOT an indication that you do not know how to do the job. It is a sign that you are very interested and would like the opportunity to discuss this further. It can be a great indication to the buyer that you are concerned about his project and would be a good candidate with good communication skills.
Finally I can say that it is a very useful tips to get jobs easily in freelance marketplace.


  1. Nice. Now I can follow this method. I think established freelancers should share there experience about the system and the hidden tips of success. Here I got a clear information that how can I make my cover letter and how can I attracted the client. And how can I expose my curiosity to do the work. Thanks a lot.
  2. Good thanks...

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